At BlackBox Energy Systems, we are working to produce the world’s best energy technology. We have designed lightweight, powerful motors and energy generation technology. We are a startup research and development company focusing on clean, efficient energy production and storage. Formed to market and manufacture this research, starting with our motor and micro-turbine technology.

Electric Motors

Our patent-pending motor is efficient at the very high speeds that turbine systems operate at. When combined with our turbines, the motor can harness waste heat for power generation or burn standard or green fuels to efficiently generate electricity in a smaller, lighter package.


Our technology enables clean, efficient power generation and mechanical power production.


Our motor’s slim profile and lightweight design will provide an efficient alternative for many electric motor applications where higher speeds are needed including for electric vehicles.


Using enviromentally safe materials and best-in-class manufacturing processes, our motors have a smaller impact on the enviroment.

Energy Generation

Efficient energy generation is essential for sustainability. We are developing novel technology for distributed power generation and energy storage systems. Our direct drive microturbine generator systems can be used for waste heat capture, grid-tie backup generators or off-grid power production.

A.I. Advantage

Businesses need to manage all aspects of their energy use to meet current sustainability goals. Our state of the art software systems can help manage a combination of energy storage and energy generation for load-shifting during peak energy consumption periods this is beneficial for both the grid and the budget.


What good is having excellent efficiency if no one can afford it? Our systems balance cost and efficiency to generate a great yet affordable product.


With environmental and socially conscious products, we are creating a lasting positive impact on our world. Let's make our world cleaner, greener and kinder, one generator at a time.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create technologies that help our enviroment and the human race by advancing distrubitive energy research and development. Find out more


Our Hard Working Team

Our team brings professional and educational knowledge of physics, mechanical, electrical, and software engineering, manufacturing, and marketing. We seek to harness our combined expertise to improve the environment with efficient, sustainable energy technologies. We plan to begin production for our first customers later this year.

Dr. Elijah Jensen

Founder and CEO

Amy Wombwell

Co-Founder and COO

Geoffery Lentner

Software Director

Joshua Rimmer

Manufacturing Director

Diane Cornwell

Financial Advisor


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